Candidate Name:
John R. Hamercheck

Political Party:

Contact Information:
81 Parkway Blvd., Madison, OH 44057

Campaign Website:

Lake County Commissioner

Associates of Applied Science

Qualifications for this office:
15 years elected public service, the last four as County Commissioner. 28 year accomplished business career track and business owner. I have a servant style of leadership that allows me to maintain a steady hand on the controls of government. I am a consensus builder and have brought back to… (answer truncated for exceeding word limitation of 50 words).

In light of the decreased revenue due to the economic downturn, where do you anticipate making cuts?
Given the strong economic condition in Lake County that I have helped create, to date, there has only been a need for a 5% reduction in budgets. No essential services have been cut and with the effective use of CARES Act funding, sustainable operations will be maintained.

What is your position on regional planning and cooperation?
As the elected 2nd Vice President of NOACA, through regional planning and cooperation, I have secured over $247 million in infrastructure funding for Lake County. I have worked to elevate the NOACA region on a state and national level. I am very much in support of regional planning and cooperation.

Assuming that you are elected, what is your top priority other than the budget?
Making our workforce competitive. I will continue to build our workforce development board and take it to an organization that can make our workforce compete on international levels.