Candidate Name:
Jason A. Wuliger

Political Party:

Contact Information:
174 N. St. Clair Street, Painesville, OH 44077

Campaign Website:

President, Nachshon Ventures LLC

Georgetown University, BA; NYU School of Law, JD

Qualifications for this office:
I have extensive experience in and out of county government as a prosecutor, Magistrate, Acting Judge, County Recorder, and entrepreneur and small business owner. I am uniquely qualified to lead our recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.

In light of the decreased revenue due to the economic downturn, where do you anticipate making cuts?
While COVID-19 caused a decrease in county revenue early in the year, as of August 31st Lake County General Fund revenue was actually 6.7% ahead of last year. Instead of making additional cuts that could hurt our local businesses, we need to devote our efforts to helping our community recover.

What is your position on regional planning and cooperation?
Taxpayer dollars must always be spent most efficiently. Regional cooperation that leads to cost savings should be used where appropriate. However, there are also areas where independent operations make sense and should not be compromised.

Assuming that you are elected, what is your top priority other than the budget?
My number one priority is helping our families and community recover from the impacts of COVID-19. As a local small business owner and entrepreneur, I know what it will take to recover, and I won’t stop fighting until everyone who would like to be can be safely back to work.