Candidate Name:
James R. Dugan

Political Party:

Contact Information:
6211 Shore Drive, Madison, OH 44057

Campaign Website:

Attorney at Law since 1980, serving as Assistant Lake County Prosecutor since 1995.

Eastlake North ’72, Princeton University ’76, B.A. Politics, Cleveland Marshall College of Law ’80, J.D.

Qualifications for this office:
1. 40 years practicing law, last 25 as Assistant Lake County Prosecutor, represented Commissioners, notably (1998-2003) over real estate tax value of Perry Plant. 2. 1987-1991 Painesville School Board member, President 1990, Vice President 1989. 3. 1998-2016 Perry Village Planning Commission member. 4. 1988-1990 Auburn Career Center Board member.

In light of the decreased revenue due to the economic downturn, where do you anticipate making cuts?
1. Capital improvements. 2. Equipment, furniture, office supplies. 3. Use of County vehicles.

What is your position on regional planning and cooperation?
I favor regional planning and cooperation wherever government services are increased, service quality enhanced, and costs to individual taxpayers and consumers is reduced, especially in essential services like water and wastewater treatment, or education like Auburn Career Center.

Assuming that you are elected, what is your top priority other than the budget?
If HB6 (Perry Plant bailout) is repealed, utilize my past County counsel experience on Perry Plant real estate value, to help prevent the Plant’s closing and avoid its catastrophic impact (added to COVID losses); lost taxes (that fund 16 county subdivisions like MRDD, Seniors), Plant jobs.