Candidate Name:
Mike Zuren

Political Party:

Contact Information:
1054 Valley Creek Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095

Campaign Website:
Facebook Campaign page

Mortgage Banker

PhD. from Capella University & MBA from Lake Erie College

Qualifications for this office:
30 years expereince in Finance & Banking. 15 Years expereince as sales manager – Effectively managed staff, maintained efficientcy under strick time restraints, and thrive in pressure situations.

In an environment of decreased revenue, what changes do you anticipate having to make?
Upgrade software to create greater efficiency and cost savings, develop a friendlier website user interface to provide easier access for tax payers, educate first-time homebuyers and high school students on the components of a tax bill (where the taxes come from and where they are distributed), provide extended hours twice… (answer truncated for exceeding word limitation of 50 words).

How would the economic downturn affect your investment philosophy for county funds? 
I would be committed to protecting the funds of Lake County using a conservative and prudent investment approach. I would continuedly investigate the lowest risk with highest return. Local investment advisors and fellow treasurers in Ohio would be consulted to find the investment options for Our County.