Candidate Name:
Lorraine M. Fende

Political Party:

Contact Information:
8476 Eagle Rd., Kirtland, OH 44094

Campaign Website:

Current 2nd Term Lake County Treasurer

Bachelors Degree Ohio University

Qualifications for this office:
Current 2 Term County Treasurer, Former State Representative-served on Finance Committee and Vice Chair Financial Institution & Real Estate, Former Willowick Mayor & former Willowick Councilwoman

In an environment of decreased revenue, what changes do you anticipate having to make?
Budgetary adjustments have already been made for the balance of 2020 and all of 2021 budgets. This included a reduction in staff since the beginning of COVID-19. I. Will continue to monitor our financial situation in the areas of cost savings.

How would the economic downturn affect your investment philosophy for county funds? 
I am restricted, by law (Ohio Revised Code) to what I can invest in. A professional investment company invests part of our portfolio to get the best returns. I invest the liquid portion, ready cash in Star Ohio and local banks. The market gets checked daily for highest returns.