Candidate Name:
Adam Dudziak

Political Party:

Contact Information:
7811 Hidden Hollow Drive, Mentor, OH 44060

Campaign Website:

Educator. Currently a Unit Principal in the Mentor Public Schools

Masters Degre

Qualifications for this office:
I love my community and have been a leaders in this community for 11 years.

With the recent information about the Issue 6 campaign what legislation would you favor to increase transparency in the financing of issue campaigns and referendum campaigns?
We must require full public disclosure of financial contributions to these campaigns.Dark money has no place in government of the people; the recent corruption exposed in the HB 6 episode demonstrates that meaningful campaign reform is essential to restoring public trust in the General Assembly.

The 2020 Census has been disrupted by the Pandemic, what steps will you advocate during the redistricting process to make sure that the population counts are accurate? 
I think having an independent counsel design and redraw maps would be a fair way of ensuring our votes match our population.

Would you support reform of the restrictions placed on the referendum process to make it easier for citizens to place issues on the ballot. If not, why not?
Yes. Our current politicians are losing touch with their purpose. Our purpose is to represent our citizens.