Candidate Name:
Maureen G. Kelly

Political Party:

Contact Information:
9607 Dublin Lane, Mentor, OH 44060

Candidate Website:

Clerk of Court of the Common Pleas

Masters of Public Administration

Qualifications for this office:
Passion for creating a culture of stewardship

In an environment of decreased revenue, what changes do you anticipate having to make?
Budget constraints are nothing new in local government. My title fund was depleted in 2009 due for a need for an increase. Legislation, outreach and focus on customer service resulted in an “excess” fund donation to the County for capital projects. The same creativity will apply.

What specific skills and knowledge of the Clerk’s responsibilities would you bring to this office?
I possess the “skills and knowledge” of 12 years of experience as the Clerk meeting the daily challenges of an ever changing office. Effective relationship building at all levels of the justice system, vehicle dealers, county and local offices, and the public are proof of my success.