Candidate Name:
Joe Shriver

Political Party:

Contact Information:
31900 N Marginal Dr. #403, Willowick, OH 44095

Candidate Website:

Insurance Representative-Fortune 500 Insurance Company

BA Cleveland State University

Qualifications for this office:
8 years private sector experience auditing premiums and managing people for a fortune 500 insurance company. I have also worked for years for my families Lake County Mechanic Shop, helping with the company finances. I hold three Degrees form Cleveland State University, where I graduated with Honors.

In an environment of decreased revenue, what changes do you anticipate having to make?
We will need to look at all overhead costs and get creative to operate to the standard the people of Lake County deserve during this economic crisis. The first area I will look at cutting is my own salary. I will then look at every aspect of the office and… (answer truncated for exceeding word limitation of 50 words).

What specific skills and knowledge of the Clerk’s responsibilities would you bring to this office?
I have managed people in a leadership position. I have balanced budgets and Audited millions of dollars in written insurance premiums; making sure business written is legal and within company guidelines. I have been working for a fortune 500 insurance company for the past eight years; being held accountable and… (answer truncated for exceeding word limitation of 50 words).