Candidate Name:
Chelsea Clark

Political Party:

How do you view Ohio’s voter registration system? What changes would you make?
Introduce same-day voter registration. o Allow for online voter registration. o Allow for online absentee ballot requests. o Create opt-in for voters to automatically receive mail ballots.

What will you do to improve voter turnout?
Stop voter purges. o Increase voter participation by expanding automatic voter registration. o Expand early voting days and hours.

What steps need to be taken to ensure the security and integrity of elections?
Bolster our state’s cybersecurity and guard against forein interference in our collections. o Modernize statewide voter registration database. o Remove loopholes that allow for dark money to go unreported.

What is the role of the Secretary of State in countering mis/dis information and voter intimidation?
o For years, state leaders have been trying to make it harder to vote. Ohio was once a leader in voting rights, but now we only make news when politicians engage in voter suppression. We need a Secretary of State who will prioritize fairness, accessibility, and efficiency at the ballot box. We need a Secretary of State who will champion a Democracy for Ohio Agenda. We need to focus on protecting a voter’s rights to vote.

Will you make changes/improvements to early, absentee, and/or election day voting? What would they be?
o Expanding early voting days and hours o Increasing voter participation by expanding automatic voter registration o Stopping unnecessary voter purges o And modernizing our elections by allowing for things like online absentee ballot requests

How do you envision working with BOEs and voter advocates?
o As Secretary of State, I envision working closely with local Board’s of Elections to provide, training, policies and information that focus on making voting efficient for voters, protecting the integrity of elections and supporting their hard work with administrative efficiencies.

How will you improve campaign finance policy?
o Work with Election experts, advocacy groups and legislators to make campaign finance more transparent. o Remove loopholes that allow for dark money to go unreported.

How will you remain nonpartisan while representing the diverse interests of all Ohioans?
o The position of Secretary of State is neither red or blue – it is meant to be red,white and blue. I intend to depoliticize the office by: – Fairly and evenly administering campaign finance violations not use the powers of the office to be lenient on friends and oppose enemies. – Avoid appearing at overtly partisan events whenever possible. – Protect the integrity of elections based on facts, not political expediency