Candidate Name: Pat DeWine

Judicial Experience (courts and years):
Jan. 2009-Mar. 2013: Judge, Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, Cincinnati Ohio Mar. 2013-January 1, 2017: Judge, First District Court of Appeals, Cincinnati Ohio January 2, 2017–Present: Justice, Ohio Supreme Court

What non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be a judge?:

I bring a unique perspective to the Ohio Supreme Court because of my service in other branches of government and every level of Ohio courts. As a Cincinnati City Councilmember, I dealt with some very difficult issues involving our legal system and the community. I served as Chair of the Law Committee immediately following the riots in Cincinnati and was deeply involved in a collaborative process that made significant and sustained improvements in police-community relations. My service on City Council and the County Commission has given me a keen understanding of the role of the other branches of government and the impact of our judicial system on these branches.I have also served as a judge at all three levels of Ohio’s courts, something very few judges can say. This has helped me understand how the supreme court can work with and improve judicial functions across every court in Ohio.

Why are you running for this particular court seat?:

I care deeply about this state and its legal system. If we are going to prosper as a state, we need communities where people feel safe. Without safe communities, people will not want to live, invest or create jobs in our state. As Justice, I can plan an important role in making sure that the rule of law is protected in Ohio.I also believe strongly that a stable and predictable legal environment is critical to our economy. Judges should strictly apply the law as it is written. We may not impose our own personal viewpoints but must adhere strictly to the law and the constitution. When we act in the manner we ensure fairness and equal treatment because the same rules apply to everyone. We also create a stable and predictable legal environment that encourages people to want to live and create jobs in this State.