Candidate Name: Jennifer Brunner

Judicial Experience (courts and years):
Justice, Ohio Supreme Court, since January 2, 2021, elected November 3, 2020 Judge, Tenth District Court of Appeals, November 30, 2014 – January 1, 2021, elected 2014, reelected 2016, resigned 2021 to take seat on Ohio Supreme Court; Judge, Franklin County Common Pleas Court, December 1, 2000 – August 31, 2005; elected 2000, reelected 2002, resigned 2005 to run successfully for Ohio Secretary of State.

What non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be a judge? I have 17 years private law practice experience representing clients in state trial and appellate courts throughout Ohio, the Ohio Supreme Court, federal courts in Ohio, state and federal agencies outside of Ohio and Ohio state and local administrative agencies. I have represented clients in and out of litigation regarding their business concerns, their public participation in matters such as initiative and referendum, nonprofit and campaign work and private individuals on personal matters. The practice of law is a calling and I value it for the service lawyers can provide to the public in furthering the effectiveness of the rule of law for all.

Why are you running for this particular court seat?
I’m running for Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court because justice matters for every Ohioan. Steady and principled leadership of the state’s highest court is essential to helping Ohioans realize justice in their everyday lives. Ohio is a very diverse state with deep rural roots, storied urban communities and countless small and middle-sized towns and cities. I take seriously my responsibility as one of seven people elected to do justice for all the people of Ohio. I am grateful for what I’ve learned from Ohioans in my many years of service to them, working at three levels of the state’s courts and as Ohio’s first female secretary of state. Administrative and policy leadership of the court is not about an ideology of who should win and who should lose. It is about a belief and understanding that courts are only as effective as people believe them to be. Good judges and fair courts can lift the confidence Ohioans have in their judiciary. I know that courts can do good things for people; protect their health, safety and welfare with fairness, equality and respect. I am committed to doing this every day now and as Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. I am further committed to using the power of the court to help lift the vision of all judges to why we serve and the power we have to do good for all Ohioans.Firm of Jones, Norpell, List Miller and Howarth. 1997-2001. Associate Attorney at the Law firm of Swank and Wilson. 1992-1997.