Candidate Name:
Richard J. Regovich

Political Party:

Contact Information:
377 E 320th St, Willowick, OH 44095

Campaign Website:

Mayor/Safety Director City of Willowick and owner of Regovich Repair & Remodeling

Eastlake North High School and attended Lakeland Community College

Qualifications for this office:
Over six and a half years as Mayor and Safety Director City of Willowick

What do you consider to be the most difficult challenge facing this office and how would you address this challenge?
I believe the most difficult challenge facing the commissioners’ office will be to deal with the current employee shortage and inflation as good people leave for better paying positions. Creating opportunity for Lake County to promote business growth and expansion can ensure a positive economic future.

Assuming you are elected, what is your top priority other than the budget?
Safety first. People want to feel safe in their neighborhood, at work, and at school. We need to make sure law enforcement and first responders are adequately staffed and we have the best technology available. This is true in all areas of safety forces from the streets to the courts.

In what ways do/will you make yourself available to the public?
I can be contacted by email and at the office with regular office hours. I will be available at weekly commissioners’ meetings. I will also attend as many council and trustee meetings as possible throughout the year to understand community issues.