Candidate Name:
Scott Schertzer

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Bachelor of Secondary Education and Social Studies, University of Toledo

Training and Experience:
Mayor of Marion since 2008, Marion City Council, 2000-2007

What are the most important functions of the state treasurer and why?
The Treasurer oversees billions of dollars of taxpayer investments. The Treasurer has a designated seat on all five state retirement pension boards and can influence the activity of them. The Treasurer plays a key role in state economic development through the Link Deposit programs begun by former Treasurer Mary Ellen Withrow. Had the current incumbent been exercising his fiscal duties, he should have been able to catch the wasteful spending and corruption rampant today in our state government.

What are your goals for improving the function of the treasurer’s office? 
True accountability! The pension funds and investment funds, as well as the day to day functions of the office need a complete audit to ensure that taxpayer money is being protected and being used in the best way to help every Ohio citizen. I pledge to pinch every penny and be a true watchdog of the people’s tax dollars!

How can the treasurer’s office influence state fiscal policy?
The Treasurer, through the various Link Deposit programs, as well as the decisions on how to invest the taxpayer’s money, can have significant influence on the state’s fiscal policies. Helping farmers and small businesses and minority businesses with access to low interest loans spurs growth and development throughout every corner of Ohio.

How will you ensure transparency and accountability in state finances?
I will order an outside, independent audit of every investment fund, as well as the day to day functions of Treasurer’s office itself. I will also call for independent audits of each of the state’s five pension funds and make the results of all of these audits available to the public! I will also, while Treasurer, travel across the state to hear from everyday Ohioans on how state government can better help them succeed! As Treasurer, I will call for an independent inspector general to be created to monitor all investments of taxpayer money to ensure true accountability and transparency!

How will you use your position to improve fiscal literacy among Ohioans?
I will work with school districts across the state to help set up voluntary programs within high schools to teach students what they will need to know about finances and everyday fiscal policy before they have to experience it after graduation. I will also encourage and work with the State Board of Education to require curriculum that prepares students in the basics of financial decisions they will need to know as adults! My office will be available to answer questions of all taxpayers in order for them to make the best financial decisions for improvements in their daily lives.