Candidate Name:
Daniel P. Troy

Political Party:

Contact Information:
31600 Lakeshore Blvd., Suite 37, Willowick, OH 44095

Campaign Website:

State Representative

St. Joseph High School; University of Dayton (B. A. in Political Science)

Qualifications for this office:
The experience and institutional knowledge that I have acquired from serving in government at the municipal, county and state level.

Do you believe the current redistricting process is acceptable? If not, what process would you propose?
The current process is flawed because the Redistricting Commission is composed of elected officials, and they will always try to advance the interests of their particular political party in drawing lines. We need a truly Independent (no elected officials; no appointees by elected officials)Redistricting Commission to do this fairly.

Where do you stand on women’s reproductive rights and health?
As a male, I don’t believe I should be legislating rules for decisions that should be between a woman, her doctor and her God. We all need to reach common ground and respect for the differing viewpoints that exist in this sensitive subject matter.

If elected, what legislative initiative do you plan to introduce?
I will continue to fight for our senior citizens with legislation to increase the eligibility and reduction amount in the Homestead Exemption Law, again call for a comprehensive study and review of Ohio’s property tax system to make it less burdensome to those on fixed incomes, and fight elder abuse.