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Also - Sample Ballot (when available) - How to register to vote? What is my polling place? ...and more

Voter Information

  • Find the facts about voting in your state at
  • Find the location of your polling place at Voter Find
  • Access Voter Search
  • By inputting your name, you can:
    • Access Details -which elections you voted in, your precinct, your voting districts (federal, state, municipal), location of your polling place
    • Print an absentee ballot request
    • Become a poll worker
    • Access a sample ballot for your polling location
    • See a list of your current elected officials and their contact information
    • Get directions to your polling place

  • View a sample ballot for your polling location:

Register to Vote

Are you registered to vote?

Print Voter Registration Form

Update your Voter Registration (options available for online and manual options)