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Responses to LWV Questionnaires - State Representative - 60th District


Responses are printed exactly as received

Candidate: JOHN M. ROGERS

Political Party: Democrat
State Representative, Lake County's Land Bank, Attorney
LLM in Taxation, JD, MBA, BA, Associates of Arts & Science

Qualifications for this office:
  • Third-term incumbent,
  • Not-for profit Director,
  • Former business owner, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Deputy Treasurer & Mentor-on the-Lake Mayor,
  • former business owner, industrial sales engineer, Lake County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Deputy Treasurer, Mentor-on-the-Lake Mayor/Safety Director/Council member,
  • Past President, Lake County Bar Association,
  • 42 year Lake County resident,
  • Husband, father of four.

    Name one piece of legislation you would introduce in the next Assembly, and explain why.
    My `Restore Ohio' legislation will leverage 1 billion dollars of the Budget Stabilization Fund and effectively double the Ohio Public Works Program with grants and low interest loans over five years. Applicable projects include roads, bridges, dams, water and waste-water, rail crossings, regional airports, public transit, historical preservation and broadband.

    How would you prioritize the state budget?
    Each budget addresses important topics including the opioid crisis, access to health care, job training, post-secondary education, etc. I am committed to the restoration of the State's share of local government funds to previous levels offering relief to our communities and residents, education funding and addressing Ohio's critical infrastructure needs.


Responses are printed exactly as received

Candidate: MIKE ZUREN

Political Party: Republican

Sales Trainer Banking
PhD and MBA

Qualifications for this office:
Vice President -City of Eastlake Council. Member Finance Committee, ECDC Chair

Name one piece of legislation you would introduce in the next Assembly, and explain why.
For sale of residential property- Introduce legislation to make all point of sale required repairs assumable for home buyers. This would increase the number of home buyers able to purchase residential property listed for sale and remove discriminatory barriers. More eligible buyers would also increase property values.

How would you prioritize the state budget?
Analyze how to reduce income taxes on individuals and businesses. Income tax punishes producers in society which hurts the economy. Lowering income tax will spur economic growth and opportunity.
Reduce cost by centralizing purchases with state, county, and local governments (volume discounts)
Research state assets that are unnecessary and sell to eliminate expense
Focus on improving infrastructure (streets, bridges, and equipment)