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Responses to Questions - U.S. Representative District 14


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Candidate: BETSY RADER

Political Party: Democrat
Occupation: Employment Lawyer

What is the most pressing problem facing the federal government in 2018? What solutions will you offer?
Democrats, Republicans, and Independents have long agreed that we need to reform our broken immigration system. When formulating a solution, I believe that we need to enforce our laws in a way that protects American security and jobs while also being reasonable and humane. I've been heartbroken to see children traumatized and ripped away from their parents at the borders and I was dismayed to see DACA recipients, the Dreamers, being used as bargaining chips during the budget discussions. For people who were brought to our country as children, America is their home. As a child advocate and mother of three children, it's appalling to see DC politicians using kids as a tool for political gain.

Explain your position on gun safety, sales, and ownership.
My dad was a game warden and an avid hunter, and when I was growing up, I would often go hunting with him and my brothers. I understand that guns have proper purposes and can safely be owned. I also believe that we need common-sense gun safety laws to keep our communities safe and to reflect the concerns of law enforcement for safety. This includes universal background checks for gun purchases and banning the use silencers, bump stocks, high capacity magazines, and armor piercing bullets that put folks, especially our law enforcement, in unnecessary danger.

How do tariffs on international goods affect working people regardless of their job? What policy do you recommend, going forward?
It's important that Congress pursue thoughtful trade policy that protects and creates American jobs. American workers can and do compete with the best in the world, but they are not playing on a level playing field when businesses move jobs to countries that don't protect their workers or the environment. The administration's tariffs have been recklessly implemented to the detriment of American jobs, agriculture, and consumers--we need leaders in Washington who will stand up for meaningful reform.

What are your legislative priorities to effectively respond to our changing climate and related challenges for environmental, agricultural and human health?
Ohio's natural resources are key to our success, especially Lake Erie, which is a vital source of everything from drinking water to jobs to recreation. This is why it's critical that we take steps to preserve our resources for future generations. When the quality of our air, water, and lands are diminished, it's important that we hold accountable those who are responsible.
Innovation is important to strengthening our economy and maintaining clear air and water. Our electricity grids, water systems, transportation infrastructure, and public buildings are all in need of upgrades. Investing in infrastructure and clean energy technologies will promote local jobs, energy independence and a clean energy economy.
We must restore the priorities of the EPA to protect us and our environment. It's critical the EPA has the ability enforce policies such as of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, and other proven safeguards of our environment, public health, and safety.


Responses are printed exactly as received

Candidate: DAVID JOYCE

Political Party: Republican

Candidate has not responded