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Protect the Election Assistance Commission

Action Alert - March 23, 2017

We need your help to protect efficient, accessible elections across the United States!

The U.S. House is considering legislation to eliminate the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), an independent, bipartisan federal agency that helps states negotiate the complicated process of election administration. LWVUS is working to stop H.R. 634, the Election Assistance Commission Termination Act, and preserve this vital resource to keep our elections trustworthy and running smoothly.

LWVUS is targeting a member of Congress in our area, Rep. [Steve Chabot, Jim Jordan, Dave Joyce], as someone who particularly needs to be informed on the beneficial work of the EAC and why they should oppose its elimination. Reach out now and tell them to oppose H.R. 634 and any attempts to terminate the EAC!

The EAC is the only agency tasked with overseeing our elections. They work to share best practices, offer training, and collect data to share with officials across the country on election administration. They also issue standards for voting machines and have regulatory authority to set guidelines on the form, used and accepted by all 50 states, for voter registration by mail.

The EAC makes vital contributions to a well-functioning election process. With continuing controversy about the accuracy, conduct, and participation in American elections, this is not the time to abolish the only federal entity devoted exclusively to improving election administration on a bipartisan basis.

The Ohio Association of Election Officials has also come out against H.R 634, citing instances when the EAC has helped make Ohio elections run better and cost less. Let your Representatives know that Congress must not eliminate this important agency!

League of Women Voters EAC Memo

Ohio Association of Elected Officials Letter of Support