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House Bills to Call About - Gun Safety

Action Alert - October 26, 2018

Action Alert Stop "STAND YOUR GROUND" gun legislation

The League of Women Voters of Ohio is working with the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence and Amnesty International to stop Ohio HB 228 and SB 180 from passing in the Ohio Statehouse. These bills are commonly referred to as "STAND YOUR GROUND" legislation.

Act now and let your elected officials know that you want to them vote NO on HB 228 and SB 180 - the stand your grand bills.

Why is "STAND YOUR GROUND" dangerous?
It allows lethal force to be the first line of defense. A perception of fear and/or danger justifies suspension of rational thought.

Any citizen may act with impunity on an ad hoc basis - as judge, jury, and executioner of his fellow citizens. One angry or fearful citizen can judge someone unworthy of a right to trial by jury.

Minimally trained or untrained, unsupervised civilians would have authority to use lethal force in ways that are currently prohibited to highly trained police officers. Find your legislators contact information here and call them now!

Amnesty International Day of Action
Be sure to follow our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed about Amnesty International's Day of Action on November 14th as well as further news about this issue.

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